This beautifully-packaged set of postcards features 25 THE THE lyrical quotes around the themes of GOD & RELIGION.

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    May your God – or your Gods – go with you.

    Twenty-five cards of twenty-five lyrical quotes from THE THE’s catalogue: each line pondered-over, selected, thoughtfully designed and beautifully printed on heavy, high-quality card. The reverse includes a place to write your own words and also details the song and album from which the lyrics come. Each set of postcards is encased in a custom, heavyweight, cardboard box heavily de-bossed with vibrant, metallic foil.

    Keep the set for yourself or send to a family member, friend, or even send one back to us at CINEOLA RETURNS, PO BOX 78159 LONDON EC2P 2SZ

    To accompany this lyric postcard set, we have curated a Spotify Playlist VOL IV: GOD & RELIGION featuring all the THE THE songs quoted in this set as well as some of his favourite tracks with this theme in mind.

    Cards are substantial at 496 Microns thickness, A6: 148 x 105mm; outer box measures 157 x 113 x 26mm.

    Created in collaboration with designer Angela McKean.

    Manufactured in the United Kingdom.