For a limited time only if you buy all five volumes of postcards – that’s 125 postcards! – not only will you save £5 as part of our standard Bundle offer, Matt will also personalise and sign one of our THE THE logo-embossed gold cards to go with your complete set. Please note, that when you place an order you MUST INCLUDE A NAME IN THE ORDER NOTES, to whom Matt will personally sign your card. The perfect Christmas gift for the THE THE fan in your life – or for yourself!

    Customer Review:

    “I ordered two lyric postcard sets: Vol II: War and Politics and Vol III: Life and Death. Both sets are outstanding in quality and graphic design. The associated album cover on which the lyrics appear takes the form of a postage stamp sized image on the reverse side, which is a nice touch. I framed some of them and they look great on my wall next to framed album covers. I bought two sets with the intention of gifting one set to my son, but after seeing them, I think I’ll be holding onto both. Looks like I’ll have to order another set to clear my conscience”.

    The Complete Set will include one of each of the following:
    Volume I: Love & Sex
    Volume II: War & Politics
    Volume III: Life & Death
    Volume IV: God & Religion
    Volume V: Fear & Loathing