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Our sincere apologies to everyone who missed out on purchasing a copy of ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ last night. Despite recently upgrading our website / server resources www.thethe.com crashed as thousands were attempting to access at the exact same time.
Our U.S. based hosts then swiftly took us offline for ‘suspicious activity’. They informed us we would be online again the next day after an internal investigation. Then, without warning, they put us online after 3 hours! Many loyal fans subsequently missed out.
We tried to give regular updates via Twitter and Facebook the moment we received information from our U.S. server hosts but obviously this did not help many people as we were also kept in the dark ourselves. Suffice to say we shall be overhauling our entire web presence.
We are a small, independent company with just a handful of staff. The single was intended as simple, limited edition tribute to the late Andy Dog. Demand has far exceeded everyone’s expectations. A digital and CD release will be forthcoming.
Our apologies again.