October 2015


Do you know what would be amazing? If The The announced a comeback this week. I generally don’t have much patience for bands reforming. That depressing schlep to the Roundhouse for pissy-eyed sad dads on lager night. Bands who weren’t even that good in the first place, cramming themselves into girdles and putting on fedoras to hide the bald spots, end up looking like Wonga-generated bailiffs in the process. However, think about it for a second – Matt Johnson putting a large, killer band together and treating us to ‘Giant’, ‘Sweet Bird Of Truth’, ‘Infected’… that would be truly awesome. But here’s the thing – The The never actually threw in the towel; Johnson simply scaled down operations after 2000’s Naked Self, choosing to concentrate on his online audio presence, publishing and making soundtracks instead. And this, to my ears, is easily his best OST so far.

It’s a soundtrack to a brutal looking crime caper shot by his brother Gerard that deals with Albanian drug dealers and corrupt policemen in London. (I’ve not seen it yet but the photos on the packaging alone make me want to rectify this pronto – not to mention the news that it also stars the UK’s most terrifying man, Scouse actor Stephen Graham from Boardwalk Empire and This Is England, not to mention the CBeebies’ Jackanory reboot, Bedtime Story.) Johnson has dusted off some vintage gear, namely a MiniMoog and Roland SH101 as well as an array of analog effects and set it all up in conjunction with a tape delay feedback system, using two multi-head tape recorders; a setup innovated in the early 60s by Terry Riley (and his engineer) who called it the Time Lag Accumulator. It’s a rich, deep and very satisfying listen and those acquainted with Mind Bomb or Burning Blue Soul or Dusk for example will be surprised, I would imagine, at the sublime drones and narcotic ambient passages it contains.

It’s a Death Waltz production, so, y’know, it’s a lovely artefact: a gatefold sleeve double LP (one blood red vinyl disc, one blue disc with the band’s logo), a nice booklet and a sleeve that feels like it was fashioned out of lizard skin. Seriously – touch the sleeve of this LP. It’s what I imagine the fucking Predator feels like after a nice shower and exfoliating scrub. You know, I was talking to Stephen O’Malley once and he said… ha ha ha… he said that the reason that high end vinyl releases come in such high quality, shiny sleeves is… ha ha ha… because collectors like to… ha ha ha… er, no, actually, I’m not going to repeat that in case my mum’s reading. (And in case you didn’t know, there are rumblings of both a box set of Infected and a new The The album ‘proper’ coming out next year, so maybe we will get to see some kind of big live show after all. Watch this space.)

John Doran – Editor: http://www.TheQuietus.com


July 2015

Hyena 2


A note from Death Waltz Recording Co’s Spencer Hickman

Matt Johnson’s The The holds a very special place in my heart; Soul Mining (their debut album proper) is one of my all-time favourite records and still spins on my turntable regularly, as do its follow ups Infected & Mind Bomb. I consider Matt to be an exceptional songwriter and was saddened when he shied away from recording and performing back in 2002. However, some consolation was provided when he started to concentrate on soundtrack work, starting with his brother Gerard’s directorial debut Tony (which is an incredibly chilling serial killer film if you haven’t seen it) and well, you could say I was delirious when a mutual friend subsequently introduced me to Matt, suggesting that Death Waltz would be the perfect fit to release his soundtracks on vinyl.

I am really honoured to be releasing Hyena (once again directed by his brother); the film is an utterly brutal and devastating look at police corruption and human trafficking, and packs one heck of a punch, truth be told. The score on the other hand is dark, beautiful and unnerving; a fantastic doomy mix of electronics and more traditional instruments, touching on everything from Krautrock to industrial to techno, but always keeping melody and incredible tonal range at the forefront. It’s also unmistakably the sound of The The, featuring Johnson’s first vocal in 13 years on the mournful and devastating “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)”.

So here you have it: a brand new The The record, on sale tomorrow, housed inside a leather look gatefold sleeve that comes with a full colour booklet featuring sleevenotes from Johnson, a lobby card and two custom colour records (the second of which features an etching of the band’s logo on side 4), all wrapped up in the traditional DWRC Obi strip. I’m intensely proud of this record and I hope you like it.

– Spencer Hickman

Hyena 3


May 2015

Radio Cineola Welcomes Portugal’s Radio Manobras

as a broadcast partner for our Election Day Special.



May 2015

Matt Johnson & Thierry Somers / Interview Sessions Round Two


Documenting The Election

Matt Johnson Talks To Ransom Note


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January 2015

CINEOLA-WIRE_AD_27-1-15-WEB copy

We are pleased to announce the release of Hyena, soundtrack to the film of the same name. Released to coincide with the feature film’s release on March 6th it is available for purchase through this website.

Hyena is the third volume in the Cinéola series of film soundtrack releases and follows the critically acclaimed soundtracks for Tony (2010) and Moonbug (2012).

Each release is published as a deluxe edition CD/Book, packaged in hardback form and filled with additional and exclusive material including photographs, interviews, stills from the films and notes from the directors.


Cinéola, the independent film soundtrack company, was formed by Matt Johnson in 2005, since when he has composed distinct soundtracks for numerous documentaries and feature films.

Cinéola have also signed an exclusive licensing deal with boutique soundtrack label Death Waltz Recording Company (known for their work with legendary composers and directors such as John Carpenter, Richard Kelly, Alan Howarth and Fabio Frizzi) to release vinyl editions from the Cinéola catalogue.

Released in UK cinemas on 6th March, Hyena was written and directed by Gerard Johnson and follows his critically acclaimed debut, Tony. The film was recently announced as winner of the Official Fantàstic Òrbita prize in the ‘Best Feature Film’ category at the Sitges 2014 film festival and Peter Ferdinando triumphed in the ‘Best Actor’ category at the Les Arcs film festival.

The film reunites Johnson with Peter Ferdinando (A Field in England, Starred Up), who is joined by Stephen Graham (This is England, ‘Boardwalk Empire’), Neil Maskell (Kill List, ‘Utopia’), MyAnna Buring (‘Downton Abbey’, The Twilight Saga), Elisa Lasowski (Eastern Promises, ‘Game of Thrones’), Tony Pitts (‘Peaky Blinders’, War Horse), Richard Dormer (Good Vibrations) and Gordon Brown (The Riot Club, Bronson).


December 2014


For those not lucky enough to be at the opening of this mixed-medium Anglo-Swedish production at RÖDA STEN KONSTHALL in Goteborg, Sweden, there is still time to head North and catch it in place until the first week of February 2015.

It features a projected audio/visual loop and the stunning new Radio Cineola Tower sculpture. This is just the first phase in an innovating Anglo-Swedish collaboration between Matt Johnson, Johanna Saint Michaels (filmmaker) John Tottenham (poet) Kate Wilkins (light sculptress) Jacob Sahlqvist (architect) and Lars Lincoln (blacksmith) that will be moving to other countries in various guises over the next 12 months.


April 2014
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THE THE are pleased to announce details of the release of the Soul Mining 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Boxset, a re-mastered, re-packed and expanded version of their major label debut album, Soul Mining, on Monday June 30th through Sony Music.

A couple of special events have been organised to celebrate the release.

At Rough Trade in East London on the day of release (June 30th) has been organised that includes a Q&A with Matt Johnson and DJ Food about the making of Soul Mining. Order a copy of the boxset from Rough Trade and receive two tickets for this one-off event.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Soul Mining is an album often requested by Classic Album Sundays attendees and the exclusive event on July 1st features an interview with Matt Johnson by CAS founder Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, a vinyl replay of the entire album on our audiophile hi-fi, followed by a Q&A between Matt Johnson and CAS attendees. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

In the meantime you may be curious to read about the making of Soul Mining in the following interviews in Quietus and Monocle

Re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original master tapes by Matt Johnson and packaged in a lavish 12” box, this vinyl only release includes an authentic reproduction of the 1983 release on 180g vinyl, plus an extra 12” gatefold vinyl of alternative versions and remixes.

For the free digital copy, the re-mastered audio has then been dubbed from new vinyl test pressings recorded from Matt’s original 1982 Thorens TD-147 gramophone player using patent ‘Dubbed-From-Disc’ technology, obtainable via a download code contained within the boxset.

Apart from the re-mastered album the boxset also includes a unique ‘news-poster’ containing extensive notes written by Johnson that detail the making of the album, the bonus vinyl of alternative versions and remixes contained in a gatefold sleeve, the panels of which contain the original artwork for ‘Uncertain Smile’, ‘Perfect’, and ‘This Is The Day’ plus a master tape circular card insert, containing credits and the download code.

Originally released on 21st October 1983, the recording of Soul Mining began in the spring of 1982, when the then 20-year old Matt Johnson, financed at this point by London Records, de-camped to New York to record ‘Uncertain Smile’ with producer Mike Thorne.

A subsequent session, again in New York with Thorne, and featuring David Johansen of the New York Dolls, resulted in ‘Perfect’, yet both sessions, and the deal with London Records, were subsequently scrapped when THE THE made an audacious switch to CBS Records and decided to start the album afresh.

Work on the album was reconvened at John Foxx’s Garden Studios in the then pre-gentrified Shoreditch area of East London with Matt co-producing with Paul Hardiman – the album was subsequently mixed at Martin Rushent’s Genetic Sound studio.

Featuring a host of talented musicians, including JG Thirlwell (aka Foetus, Manorexia and Steroid Maximus), Zeke Manyika (Orange Juice), electronic DIY pioneer Thomas Leer and Jools Holland, Johnson set out with a clear vision in mind – to produce an album that felt cinematic; a record of width, depth and texture and one which avoided the mundane line-up of the day of guitar, bass and drums.

The track listings of the two albums are as follows:


1. I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)
2. This Is The Day
3. The Sinking Feeling
4. Uncertain Smile
5. The Twilight Hour
6. Soul Mining
7. Giant


1. Uncertain Smile (New York 12” version)
2. Perfect (New York 12” version)
3. This Is The Day (12” version)
4. Fruit Of The Heart
5. Perfect (London 12” version)
6. I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All My Life) (12” mix)


March 2014

Introducing ‘Giant’ from THE THE – a limited edition 12” vinyl especially for this year’s Record Store Day on Saturday 19th April 2014. GIANT2FACED12INCH is a double A-sided release including THE THE’s Giant and DJ Food’s 2011 remix of the track, featuring reprised vocals from Matt Johnson.


Here’s an exclusive first look at the artwork below, which features a ‘2 faced’ double cover – THE THE’s Andy Dog’s artwork features on one side, and DJ Food’s illustrative interpretation of the artwork is on the other

Giant 12inch Cover

Yello’s Boris Blank Remixes The The’s GlobalEyes With New YelloFier® App.

April 2013


Boris Blank, co-founder and music composer of the Swiss avant-garde electro duo Yello, is also the inventor of the new music/recording app Yellofier. He has just re-mixed The The’s GlobalEyes as part of the launch pack for this new device.

About a year ago, together with concept director Håkan Lidbo, programmer Jonatan Liljedahl and designer Håkan Ullberg, Blank filed to implement the ingenious idea that is Yellofier. Electronic Beats by Telekom supported the team of developers with its expertise in technology and communication and enabled a perfect realization. As a result, from April 1st users can go sound hunting with Yellofier app and create music out of the sounds of one’s life. Innovation, sound and technology – these keywords describe not only the philosophy of Electronic Beats, but also the impressive career of Yello, who are always on the lookout for creative sound combinations.

More info here: www.yellofier.com and www.electronicbeats.net

The slogan: “Anything becomes Music”. But what makes the app so interesting for sound explorers who don’t have any music education?

Håkan Lidbo: “You edit sounds and effects by moving and spinning cubes – the interface is different from all other musical interfaces. Therefore anyone, even without any musical experience, can create unique music with Yellofier.”

Boris Blank: “The uniqueness of Yellofier is in the intuitive, visually supported quick handling of recording and editing of sounds, the high quality sound, the playful aspect and of course the built-in Yello soundbase.” Fans using Yellofier also enjoy maximum feedom to remix the original sounds of the successful duo. They can also share their songs with the social media world.

Other musicians are excited about Yellofier and are already working with the app. Matt Johnson / The The, Booka Shade, Carl Craig, Charles Webster, Håkan Lidbo, Henrik Schwarz, Magnetic North, Orbital, Steve Bug, The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann, Tim & Puma Mimi and Trentemøller have contributed songs and sounds to the app. These could be used for own tracks, and thus enter the Yellofier Track Contest hosted by Electronic Beats. More info here: www.yellofier.com and www.electronicbeats.net.

§       Yellofier transforms everyday sounds into music within seconds

§       Developed by Yello co-founder Boris Blank and Swedish music producer Håkan Lidbo

§       Track Contest with sounds of The The, Carl Craig, Henrik Schwarz, Trentemøller, Booka Shade, Orbital, Steve Bug, Thomas Fehlmann




January 2013

Fifty First State Press, in association with Bishopsgate Institute, proudly present the Two Puddings photographic / audio exhibition, opening January 14th and running until March 31st. A special Q&A event will be held on January 30th featuring award winning broadcaster Robert Elms interviewing author Eddie Johnson.

Our first publication, Tales from the Two Puddings, is a memoir by my dad Eddie Johnson, of our time living above one of East London’s most notorious pubs in the 1960s.

Due to a combination of its cream-tiled walls and the volume of blood spilt, it was also known locally as the ‘Butcher’s Shop’. It became one of London’s busiest and most fashionable pubs of that era, attracting a large, colourful cast of disparate characters including renowned actors, writers, singers, musicians, champion boxers, infamous gangsters, television personalities and World Cup-winning footballers. By the time the Puddings closed its doors for the last time, nearly four decades later, my dad was the longest serving licensee in London.

Tales from the Two Puddings is a poignant, at times hilarious, look back upon a lost world of East End eccentrics, local villainy, vindictive policemen, punch ups, and practical jokes, all now lying buried beneath the concrete blocks and sterile shopping centres of the ‘new’ Stratford.

Tales From The Two Puddings is a brisk and plain-spoken act of witness to the life of a territory whose history is under threat from boosters and land thieves. Here is a remembered and experienced truth, not a fable cooked up by a quango of computers. Valuable, funny, gleaming with recovered memory shards.’
Iain Sinclair – Author of Ghost Milk

‘Lots of West Ham players drank in the Two Puddings. I was a regular and even met my wife Sandra in the upstairs disco there and we’re still very happily married after nearly 44 years. I’ve got some very happy memories of those days but also remember that you didn’t take liberties with the Johnson brothers. They were proper boys!’
Harry Redknapp – Football manager and ex West Ham United player

‘Just out of school and starting work as a trainee reporter on the Stratford Express weekly newspaper the Two Puddings – sitting majestically across the Broadway – immediately became my first “regular” pub. I remember great nights there with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and several with Screaming Lord Sutch in ‘Jack the Ripper’ mode.’
Barrie Keeffe – Author of The Long Good Friday


To Buy Tales from the Two Puddings Click Here