June 2017

WeCantStop-V2 small


Due to the overwhelming demand for vinyl editions of ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’, we’ve manufactured V2. To preserve the collectors value of the more rare ‘Record Store Day’ black vinyl first edition, V2 is pressed on old English white vinyl and is minus the etchings on the b-side.

To refocus attention back to what this song is really all about, and its dedication to the late Andrew Johnson, we are donating 50% of the profits from all website sales of V2 to St Nicholas Hospice in Suffolk, who cared for Andrew at the end of his life.

Released on Cineola, ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ is THE THE’s first new single in 15 years. Matt Johnson is joined by former THE THE members Zeke Manyika on percussion, James Eller on bass and Johnny Marr on guitar in order to pay tribute to his late brother Andrew Johnson, aka Andy Dog, who designed many of THE THE’s record sleeves and whose artwork is also featured on the sleeve of this new single. Also featured are Meja Kullersten on backing vocals, Chris Whitten on drums and Iain Berryman on keyboards.

‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ is also featured in The Inertia Variations, the new documentary directed by Johanna St Michaels, which forms part of a wider forthcoming multimedia project inspired by the poem of the same name by British-born, Los Angeles based poet John Tottenham.


June 2017

I’m interviewed by one of my favourite journalists Neil Clark on RT’s Sputnik. I interviewed Neil on my Radio Cineola ‘Midday to Midnight Marathon’ for the 2015 General Election. You can watch a replay of the interview HERE

The Guardian picked THE THE’s Top Ten songs and caused some controversy doing it. No ‘Heartland’, ‘Love is Stronger Than Death’, ‘August & September’, ‘Armageddon Days (are here again)’, ‘Phantom Walls’ or ‘Out of the Blue (into the fire)’! Have your say HERE



April 2017
Our sincere apologies to everyone who missed out on purchasing a copy of ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ last night. Despite recently upgrading our website / server resources www.thethe.com crashed as thousands were attempting to access at the exact same time.
Our U.S. based hosts then swiftly took us offline for ‘suspicious activity’. They informed us we would be online again the next day after an internal investigation. Then, without warning, they put us online after 3 hours! Many loyal fans subsequently missed out.
We tried to give regular updates via Twitter and Facebook the moment we received information from our U.S. server hosts but obviously this did not help many people as we were also kept in the dark ourselves. Suffice to say we shall be overhauling our entire web presence.
We are a small, independent company with just a handful of staff. The single was intended as simple, limited edition tribute to the late Andy Dog. Demand has far exceeded everyone’s expectations. A digital and CD release will be forthcoming.
Our apologies again.


April 2017


THE THE announce details of the release of a new single, We Can’t Stop What’s Coming, as part of this year’s Record Store Day, which takes place on Saturday April 22nd 2017.

Released on Cineola (cat no. Cineola 101), it’s their first new song in 15 years and Matt Johnson is joined by former THE THE members Zeke Manyika on percussion, James Eller on bass and Johnny Marr on guitar in order to pay tribute to his late brother Andrew Johnson, aka Andy Dog, who designed many of the bands record sleeves.

Limited to 2000 copies and released as a one-sided 7”, it features etchings of images taken from the sketch books of Andy Dog on the sleeve and flipside of the disc.

The track is taken from The Inertia Variations, an 84-minute documentary film directed by Johanna St Michaels, which forms part of a wider multimedia project inspired by the poem of the same name by British-born, Los Angeles based poet John Tottenham.



January 2017

Following the Swedish premiere of The Inertia Variations – the new documentary about THE THE by Johanna St Michaels at Goteborg International Film Festival on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd and  Stockholm’s Tempo Festival on March 7th and 9th, we ‘re please to announce the international premiere at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen on March 23rd (Tickets available HERE) and March 25th (tickets available HERE)

The documentary is the first in many related elements of this multi-media project that will be released throughout 2017. Further international and national premieres are currently being lined up.





October 2016

Thanks to all who attended our Infected The Movie season at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts in September. Thanks also to the curator Tom Wilcox and our guests for the Q&A Tim Pope, Johanna Saint Michaels and Neil Fraser. The five nights were a huge success and seemed to bring back vivid memories for many people.

A short film on Infected The Movie by The Courtauld Institute for their Cooltold series

Links to some recent interviews and articles about Infected and Infected The Movie.

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May 2016

Saturday May 14th between 17:00 – 20-00 (UK time) Radio Cineola will be broadcasting another live show.

But this time, instead of concentrating on politics, we’ll be playing music and discussing procrastination, apathy, inertia and the creative process.

The show features poetry, music, interviews and listener phone-ins plus some intimate live performances of THE THE songs by very special guests.

You can access Radio Cineola from this website from 17:00 (UK time) Saturday, May 14th, 2016.

ANDREW JOHNSON / ANDY DOG – 6/1/59 – 18/1/16

January 2016


ANDREW JOHNSON / ANDY DOG – 6/1/59 – 18/1/16

Back in April 2012 – the same week his youngest nephew was born – Andrew was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive type of brain tumour. He was given approximately 6 months to live. Yet he continually confounded his medical team by outlasting their predictions – he got his driving license back two years after the original prognosis and even bought and rode a new racing bike. It seemed like he was getting back to his old self and he and I excitedly hatched plans for collaborating on a new book project of his artwork.

Yet, ultimately this was a battle that just couldn’t be won and Andrew passed away on Monday morning. We were with him all the way through and he was surrounded by love until his last breath.

I never knew the true meaning of the word stoic until witnessing first hand the way he dealt with this horrific disease. Not a single word of complaint or self pity was uttered throughout his ordeal. Whenever I’d tell him how brave I thought he was, in typical Andrew fashion he’d just say “bravery and courage have nothing to do with it as they involve a choice but what choice do I have but to just deal with it?”

Anyone who knew Andrew will remember not only his huge talent as an artist and his perceptiveness and loyalty as a person but also his wicked, dark sense of humour. He and I had a very intense, complex relationship and we shared a childhood filled with creativity and fun. We also shared plenty of arguments and punch-ups over the years too!

After losing our beloved brother Eugene back in 1989 and our beautiful mum a decade later we really thought our dad and the rest of our family would be spared further tragedy. At this moment in time there are just too many tears and too much sadness for us to think clearly but my younger brother Gerard and I will do our best to carry on down the creative path our big brother first led us onto many years ago.

Andrew was, and will always remain, the single biggest influence and inspiration upon my life and career.

See you on the other side brother xxx



October 2015


Do you know what would be amazing? If The The announced a comeback this week. I generally don’t have much patience for bands reforming. That depressing schlep to the Roundhouse for pissy-eyed sad dads on lager night. Bands who weren’t even that good in the first place, cramming themselves into girdles and putting on fedoras to hide the bald spots, end up looking like Wonga-generated bailiffs in the process. However, think about it for a second – Matt Johnson putting a large, killer band together and treating us to ‘Giant’, ‘Sweet Bird Of Truth’, ‘Infected’… that would be truly awesome. But here’s the thing – The The never actually threw in the towel; Johnson simply scaled down operations after 2000’s Naked Self, choosing to concentrate on his online audio presence, publishing and making soundtracks instead. And this, to my ears, is easily his best OST so far.

It’s a soundtrack to a brutal looking crime caper shot by his brother Gerard that deals with Albanian drug dealers and corrupt policemen in London. (I’ve not seen it yet but the photos on the packaging alone make me want to rectify this pronto – not to mention the news that it also stars the UK’s most terrifying man, Scouse actor Stephen Graham from Boardwalk Empire and This Is England, not to mention the CBeebies’ Jackanory reboot, Bedtime Story.) Johnson has dusted off some vintage gear, namely a MiniMoog and Roland SH101 as well as an array of analog effects and set it all up in conjunction with a tape delay feedback system, using two multi-head tape recorders; a setup innovated in the early 60s by Terry Riley (and his engineer) who called it the Time Lag Accumulator. It’s a rich, deep and very satisfying listen and those acquainted with Mind Bomb or Burning Blue Soul or Dusk for example will be surprised, I would imagine, at the sublime drones and narcotic ambient passages it contains.

It’s a Death Waltz production, so, y’know, it’s a lovely artefact: a gatefold sleeve double LP (one blood red vinyl disc, one blue disc with the band’s logo), a nice booklet and a sleeve that feels like it was fashioned out of lizard skin. Seriously – touch the sleeve of this LP. It’s what I imagine the fucking Predator feels like after a nice shower and exfoliating scrub. You know, I was talking to Stephen O’Malley once and he said… ha ha ha… he said that the reason that high end vinyl releases come in such high quality, shiny sleeves is… ha ha ha… because collectors like to… ha ha ha… er, no, actually, I’m not going to repeat that in case my mum’s reading. (And in case you didn’t know, there are rumblings of both a box set of Infected and a new The The album ‘proper’ coming out next year, so maybe we will get to see some kind of big live show after all. Watch this space.)

John Doran – Editor: http://www.TheQuietus.com


July 2015

Hyena 2


A note from Death Waltz Recording Co’s Spencer Hickman

Matt Johnson’s The The holds a very special place in my heart; Soul Mining (their debut album proper) is one of my all-time favourite records and still spins on my turntable regularly, as do its follow ups Infected & Mind Bomb. I consider Matt to be an exceptional songwriter and was saddened when he shied away from recording and performing back in 2002. However, some consolation was provided when he started to concentrate on soundtrack work, starting with his brother Gerard’s directorial debut Tony (which is an incredibly chilling serial killer film if you haven’t seen it) and well, you could say I was delirious when a mutual friend subsequently introduced me to Matt, suggesting that Death Waltz would be the perfect fit to release his soundtracks on vinyl.

I am really honoured to be releasing Hyena (once again directed by his brother); the film is an utterly brutal and devastating look at police corruption and human trafficking, and packs one heck of a punch, truth be told. The score on the other hand is dark, beautiful and unnerving; a fantastic doomy mix of electronics and more traditional instruments, touching on everything from Krautrock to industrial to techno, but always keeping melody and incredible tonal range at the forefront. It’s also unmistakably the sound of The The, featuring Johnson’s first vocal in 13 years on the mournful and devastating “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)”.

So here you have it: a brand new The The record, on sale tomorrow, housed inside a leather look gatefold sleeve that comes with a full colour booklet featuring sleevenotes from Johnson, a lobby card and two custom colour records (the second of which features an etching of the band’s logo on side 4), all wrapped up in the traditional DWRC Obi strip. I’m intensely proud of this record and I hope you like it.

– Spencer Hickman

Hyena 3