Hanky Panky

  • Artist: THE THE
  • Year: 1995
  • Format: Download
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Hanky Panky is the fifth studio album by THE THE, released in 1995. It consists of cover versions of country singer Hank Williams’ songs.

  1. Honky Tonkin’
  2. Six More Miles
  3. My Heart Would Know
  4. If You’ll Be a Baby to Me
  5. I’m a Long Gone Daddy
  6. Weary Blues from Waitin’
  7. I Saw the Light
  8. You’re Cheatin’ Heart
  9. I Can’t Get You Off of My Mind
  10. There’s a Tear In My Beer
  11. I Can’t Escape from You
  1. “If anything proves that Hank was up there with Cole Porter and Lennon & McCartney, it’s this Johnson effort. Powerful and disturbing.”

    “Many of Hank’s simple three and four chord, two and a half minute statements are elongated distorted and twisted into something quite disturbing and surreal. I’m sure Hank wouldn’t have done it this way, but he might just have approved.”

    “A bold experiment that, in its liberties taken, honours the strength of those deathless songs.”
    – Q *** (RECOMMENDED) 

    “THE THE’s Hank William’s covers are a swinging, manly romp through hell, high water and several crates of serious spirits. Which is the way it should be done.”
    – NME 

    “Matt Johnson of THE THE performs a career side swerve by cutting 11 covers of Hank originals. Rumbling, jumpy rock ‘n’ roll that gets to the heart of darkness that’s deep inside William’s’ most anguished songs.”
    – MOJO 

    “These songs must rank amongst the most achingly tender music Johnson has ever produced. At the end of the day this is another near perfect THE THE LP capable of producing just the right proportions of joy, misery and fear. What better start to the year could you possibly want?”
    – SELECT 

    “Williams’ songs are stripped to their bare bones and re-invested with a dirty, pumping soured pop sensibility.”
    – TIME OUT 

    “Adds new life to already great songs.”
    – DAILY MAIL **** 

    Hanky Panky comprises 11 Hank Williams songs interpreted by Matt Johnson’s THE THE. Williams is an evergreen American classic and THE THE’s current incarnation are authentic, brooding rockers. It can’t be bad really and it’s not. ”

    “Sparsely arranged and brimming with religious fervour, these emotionally charged, dusky tunes will have you weeping before sundown.”
    – GQ 

    “Fans of THE THE should find plenty to enjoy, from the opening bluesy rendition of ‘Honky Tonkin’, which Johnson has slowed down and spooked up beyond recognition, to the spectral whisper which he applies to the album’s closer, ‘I Can’t Escape From You’. Hanky Panky retains such a distinct character of its own that you scarcely notice the liberties taken.”

    “Matt Johnson covers Hank Williams’ heartbroken country classics and manages to lend them his own brooding feel and do justice to the originals. Good stuff well done.”
    – LOADED 

    “On Hanky Panky this new incarnation of THE THE sound like the Plastic Ono Band.”
    – ARENA 

    Hanky Panky’s 11 tracks are a sympathetic and – given the gulf of experience, generation, culture and character that separates the two artists – a surprisingly successful homage to the man from Alabama. It should bring the truth and beauty of Williams to a whole new audience.”
    – THE LIST 

    “Whether remaining faithful to the original version, or totally ripping it apart, Johnson endows each song with that distinctive TheThe sound. This is Johnson at his raw and emotional best. The stetson hat quite suits him too.”

    “It is hard to think of a more bizarre mismatch of talents than those of Matt Johnson and the long deceased country singer Hank Williams but against the odds a peculiar alchemy occurs.”
    – THE TIMES 

    “Matt Johnson’s set of 11 cover versions has a timely quality to it. Much more than that though, this characteristically (and charismatically) dark and gloomy handling of them seems far closer to the pained, drug addicted Williams depicted in the books than many of the original renditions.”
    – ENCORE 

    Hanky Panky succeeds because it sounds more like a batch of new songs by THE THE than a mere ditto of Hank Sr. ditties, The groups signature juiced up guitar, feverish harmonica and manic depressive rhythms remain, while sad Hank’s blue yodels find a home in kindred spirit Johnson’s dolorous wail.”

    “Matt Johnson takes on the Hank Williams song book and wins on points. “

    Hanky Panky is not an easy listen. There seems to be no depths Williams’ loneliness does not plumb. However challenging, the album is, however, ultimately compelling – Hank would be flattered.”
    – THE MIX

    “To wonder whether THE THE’s interpretation of Williams’ songs are actually Country or not is to miss the point, for Johnson clearly relates to Williams as a fellow songwriter and has gone to great lengths to select songs that most appeal to him. Although Johnson has contorted Williams’ melodies and chord structures to varying degrees, the overall impression reflects the simplicity and greatness of Williams’ talent.”
    – TOP