• Artist: THE THE
  • Year: 2010
  • Format: Download

En Route to Beirut is an mp3 download made available through Radio Cineola.

Radio Cineola is an ongoing series of shortwave broadcasts from around the world featuring Matt Johnson and guests, previewing upcoming THE THE releases, works in progress, freshly unearthed (and previously unheard) material from the Lazarus vaults, plus chats with collaborators, past, present and future.

Something of a cross between an EP and a jamboree bag each uniquely flavoured 15 minute show available for purchase as a high quality (320k) MP3.

  1. Silent Together (from Je t’aime infiniment)
  2. Splayed! (from Je t’aime infiniment)
  3. Tender Mercy (from Je t’aime infiniment)
  4. The Rain Inside (from Je t’aime infiniment)
  5. Does Prayer Work? (from Je t’aime infiniment)
  6. Verse 25 (The Inertia Variations)
  7. Lip Tripping (from The Vaults)