Naked Self

  • Artist: THE THE
  • Year: 2000
  • Format: Download


Naked Self is The The’s sixth album and was released in 2000.

“The wildly disparate influences and sensibilities mesh to great effect on this stunning album.”

Spin Cycle

“Johnson has hit a new level of menace here, like he’s become a subterranean dweller since 1993. It’s musically more free form and grittier. This takes some adjustment.”

  1. Boiling Point
  2. Shrunken Man
  3. The Whisperers
  4. Soul Catcher
  5. Global Eyes
  6. December Sunlight
  7. Swine Fever
  8. Diesel Breeze
  9. Weather Belle
  10. Voidy Numbness
  11. Phantom Walls
  12. Salt Water