Mind Bomber – Enamel Badge


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    Although Andy Dog did not create the artwork for the Mind Bomb album sleeve, he did create the artwork for THE THE’s first ever world tour, Versus The World, in promotion of the release, including the huge, dual 70mm projections for the three Royal Albert Hall concerts and the Mind Bomber artwork featured on THE THE’s most popular merchandise for the tour. Its revival has been continually requested by many ardent supporters over the years. And here it is!
    As with many artists, Andy Dog’s sketchbooks feature different iterations of a drawing as he played with, reinvented and perfected it; this particular drawing was taken straight from the pages of these sketchbooks but to keep it distinct from the original merchandise, we have used a very slightly different incarnation of the Mind Bomber from 1989.

    Andrew Johnson (aka Andy Dog), Matt’s late brother, created the artwork for many of THE THE’s early album and single sleeves. His work often featured tortured, grimacing figures coupled with black-humoured, melancholic themes. He trained at Camberwell School of Art, contributed to many European and British underground comics and magazines and also worked for the UK music press. He was responsible for establishing the visual identity of the Some Bizzare record label as well as creating sleeves for numerous other recording artists.

    This 3cm x 2.4cm badge is 2mm thick, with a butterfly fastening on the back.

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