Burning Blue Soul

  • Artist: THE THE
  • Year: 1981
  • Format: CD
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  1. Red Cinders In the Sand
  2. Song Without an Ending
  3. Time Again for the Golden Sunset
  4. Icing Up
  5. Like a Sun Rising Thru My Garden
  6. Out of Control
  7. Bugle Boy
  8. Delirious
  9. The River Flows East In Spring
  10. Another Boy Drowning

“One of the few truly psychedelic records made in recent years. An acid stew of remarkable proportions. A minor hours masterpiece.”

“A very strange record indeed, Burning Blue Soul at once establishes Matt Johnson as a Great British Eccentric.”

“He explores the joys of melancholy with a nakedness that could only have been equalled by John Lennon on a gigantic existential downer. Burning Blue Soul is a bona fide 22 carat desert island disc. It wouldn’t be going over the top to say this record stands altogether alone.”

“One of the first LP’s to use drum loops and sampling. Well worth a listen.”

“Track after track of resonant English multi-dimensional mind-blowing music. He should be mightily proud of his achievement.”

“One feels sheepish analysing Johnson’s self-obvious desire to exercise his weirdness. Weird is weird. The kid is weird alright.”

“Matt Johnson’s life and soul are involved with uncompromising music. This is soul as in spirit not the young American sound or a replica of something on the Stax label. Burning Blue Soul deserves to be heard”

“A mixture of clattering instrumentals and deranged ranting sprees. There is no doubting the voice, the vision or the already forbidding atmosphere of paranoia. “

“There is a subtle uneasiness to the whole album that is both beautiful yet disturbing.”