• Artist: THE THE
  • Year: 2023
  • Format: 7" VINYL

In stock

Cinéola, in partnership with earMUSIC, are happy to announce the release of this strictly limited 7” Vinyl Single, which includes two songs and features a powerful – and previously unseen – artwork by Matt’s late brother, Andy Dog. The title track features contributions from THE THE stalwarts, Eric Schermerhorn on guitar, Earl Harvin on drums, Barrie Cadogan and Gillian Glover on backing vocals. Recorded by Bruce Lampcov and Mark Allaway, mixed by Mark Allaway at Studio Cinéola and mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios.

Matt says about the A-side ‘$1 ONE VOTE!’“It is a song that has been percolating – in various versions – for a number of years. For some reason I was always having trouble finding the right words to finish it off. But the nascent dystopia of the last couple of years has certainly opened eyes, sharpened minds and clarified thoughts.”

The B-side features a real gem with which true die-hard fans are certainly already familiar. Although ‘MRS MAC’ was originally released as a download-only single on THE THE’s website back in 2007 it has never – until now – had a physical release. All instruments are played by Matt Johnson himself and the song was recorded and mixed by Bruce Lampcov.

“It was written about my first day at school, in Stratford, East London back in the 1960s”, Matt explains. “Mrs Mac was a sinister dinner lady / enforcer who terrorised the children into eating over-boiled slop that would make them heave in horror.”

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